In many cases organizations are perceived as structures, when in reality they are much more. Organizations are a complex set of sub systems that must be aligned with one another and with the organization’s strategy.


The main factors for organizational design are:

  • Strategic change - Any change to the strategy requires change in the organization’s design.

  • Executive beliefs and habits –Executives usually believe that change in the organizations structure will result in better business performance.

  • Staffing – Despite the fact that the above-mentioned factors are relevant to organizational change, they do not necessarily lead to better business performance.
    It is our experience that a change in the organization’s structure has low correlation with business performance. Only a complete organizational re-design will improve the businesses performance.


We work with our clients on realigning the following central components of the organization:Structure


  • Process
  • People
  • Interdependencies & Interfaces
  • Infrastructure
  • Culture


We work together with the client to define the desired outcome and help implement a plan that includes:

  1. Defining a change in the strategy

  2. Defining the gaps between the six organizational components and the redefined strategy

  3. Redesigning the organization accordingly