A coherent organizational and human infrastructure is essential to a company’s growth and success. We help our clients improve their financial performance by realizing the potential inherent within the organization and its human capital, in a systemic and methodical manner, and assisting the company’s executives establish the organizations components in alignment with the business strategy.


An organization, including its structure, processes, culture and people is the foundation by which a business achieves its strategic goals. Changes in the global business environment lead to changes in a company's strategy and therefore require change in each of these aspects of an organization.

Despite the logic built into these change processes, most need further support for the following reasons:

1. Although a company may have invested heavily in the strategic planning process, it rarely invests in strategy implementation within and across the organization.

2. The organizational change required is usually a complex set of changes, which should be in alignment with each other, rather than a single change, which includes only a structural change or change of processes. .

3. While the process of strategic planning includes thorough analyses of data and information on competitors, as well as the regulatory and business environment, when it comes to people and culture, softer factors such as prior experience or habit and feelings towards people are taken into consideration.

With a clear understanding of these challenges, our professional team, made up of experts in various areas, including corporate strategy, finance, HR, operations and others, work in synergy to ensure such change processes are successful.


At ICG we support the following processes: