Effective supply chain management helps achieve corporate strategic objectives such as globalization, growth, and organizational change.

Our approach creates both bottom line short-term impact and long-term sustainability by examining suppliers, production, physical logistics, and customers.

At ICG we understand the intrinsic challenges of supply chain management; including how to cope with demand and supply uncertainty, how to build and optimize the supply chain organization, and which supply chain planning and control strategies to employ.

Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to apply learning from fashion to electronics, pharmaceuticals, wholesale to automotive service parts, and from retail to defense, in order to provide the most precise, company specific solutions and thereby achieving optimal results.

Our working process:

· We locate and identify the most relevant targeted research programs

· We customize supply chain management principles according to the specific characteristics of the sector.

· We integrate solutions across all operation disciplines, taking into account market requirements and customer service levels as key drivers of the supply chain design.

· We provide insights and support to customers wishing to develop global manufacturing strategies. We provide simplified scenario evaluation of entire value chains, including the impact of logistics, inventory, and international trade-related costs etc.