We support our clients' profitable growth by improving product development processes and adding higher value, more attractive offerings.

Based on our cross-functional approach, we work closely with strategy, technology, engineering, marketing, sales, purchasing, and production, applying our expert knowledge to product and operational improvements.

We believe that sustainable best practices work around a set of core concepts:

· Design-to-cost

· Accelerate development and commercialization

· R&D Portfolio management

In addition we help our clients transform their R&D and product development processes in the following critical areas:

· Speeding up time to market - Allowing for higher market penetration.

· Increasing R&D cost efficiency and freeing up innovation capacity.

· Reducing development risk - We turn around troubled projects and mitigate risk in cases where deadlines have already been missed and successful project completion is threatened.

Improving R&D capability – Building the right long term organizational footprint, structure and capabilities for leadership in a global marketplace