Improving productivity and driving value through core business operations is a priority across all sectors. Our operation professionals are passionate about processes and order, have an intrinsic understanding of process-flow and vast experience in all aspects of industry and industrial production. Therefore, when we are called upon to solve a problem or make a process more efficient, we combine strategic thinking with hands-on experience to provide you with a solution that is both accurate, user friendly and implementable.


Our action-oriented approach evolves around a detailed root-cause analysis of issues. We ask the appropriate questions and know how to decipher the answers, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the company’s processes, including key milestones and bottlenecks, and are able to establish a professional platform that will serve as a basis for correcting operational shortfalls.


At ICG we examine all aspects of your business operations in order to streamline functions and optimize performance. We bring proven diagnostics, methodologies and tools to improve business processes, organizational capabilities and performance management skills.


Our operation professionals have vast experience in various areas including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, telecom, high tech and others.


ICG’s Operations Professionals support clients in the following areas: