When consulting companies on financial challenges and opportunities we often work closely with CFOs, who today have strategic responsibilities and are directly accountable for the company’s business performance. Having both management and consulting experience in various financial situations, we at ICG have the practical expertise required to gain an in-depth understanding of the situation on the one hand, and the broad external perspective to truly analyze it, on the other. With this combined perspective, we are able to offer CFOs and the organization as a whole, precise methods and tools that provide comprehensive solutions

At ICG we understand that many financial opportunities and challenges are derived from activities elsewhere in the organization. The combined skills of the various ICG experts provide important insights and a better understanding of strategic, operational and other core capabilities. This wide perspective helps us discover the root of the problem, the best opportunities and in turn creates long-term value for our clients.

Based on our established a network of contacts, we are able to communicate on your behalf with the right people and institutions, in their language and with a clear understanding of their processes, resulting in faster, more effective procedures.


ICG’s Financial Professionals support clients in the following areas:

· Financial Consulting

· Assistance to Companies in Distress

· Investment Banking

· Raising Debt

· Project Financing