“A strategy is only as good as its implementation” is a common saying among strategy professionals. A good strategy without proper implementation is like having no strategy at all.

At ICG, it is our experience that many CEO’s and executives invest in formulating strategies but invest very few resources on planning how to implement them. Organizations need the right strategy, but without the thought and skills required to implement it, their chances of success are slim.

When the time comes to implement their strategy, many organizations fall short of the skills, knowhow and energy required, and as a result they fail at the execution stage. At ICG, Strategy Implementation is the process of transforming the strategy into a set of actions. Our professionals create a suitable and planned-out process, which utilizes managerial and organizational tools in order to achieve a successful strategy implementation. As with any project, organizations must direct resources towards achieving their strategic goals, and our team will help ensure these resources don't go astray.

At ICG, our professionals have vast experience looking at the various components of an organization and successfully implementing the changes required for a strategy to actually achieve its goals. Our process involves:

Engaging leadership

• Finding the change enabler within the corporate culture

• Establishing a way to make the changes suit the various organizational components

• Ensuring the support of talented individuals, hiring where required

• Ensuring support systems are in place


Our Model - From strategy to successful implementation

Our Model is a comprehensive set of tools with which we guide companies through their journey to achieving their strategic goals. Cascade – Strategy cascading helps the company and its executives to “digest” the corporate strategy and understand what actions should be taken towards achieving their goals.

Align – align the structure, resources, talents, and budget to be consistent with strategy as a whole and with cascaded action and process.

Engage – exercise the leadership style required to engage top talents, communicate the change, and get the whole organization behind the strategy.

Support – use monitoring, rewards and information systems to support and streamline all of the company's efforts towards achieving the strategic goals.

Measure – Create a set of measurable performance indicators and regularly measure and adopt the plan.