Mergers and Acquisitions are among the most integrative business development activities. They also however, have the highest risk of failure.

The full cycle of an M&A process includes the following elements:

·       The strategic rational

·       The financial rational

·       The integration

At ICG our team of experts has all the knowledge, tools and experience required to accompany clients through this complex but fascinating business process.

We firmly believe that the M&A process is not the final aim, but rather a means to an end. We therefore begin by strategically analyzing the rationale behind the move. With a systematic analysis of the situation we are able to decipher whether the preliminary motives were the right ones, and whether there may be better ways to reach even better results. At ICG, our experts' wide perspective and in depth understanding of the process, makes us the best and most supportive partner when navigating the complex issues involved in M&As.

When venturing towards M&A process, many company's get caught in the pricing trap - calculating the right price is a complex and difficult task, which is closely related to the strategic rational of the business process. The most common mistake is to over value trivial things such as market shares (a very dangerous act, which often fails to realize its potential), or naively trying to estimate the synergy through sales growth and cost reduction. The best M&A's are those which create real value, most often by contributing to a change in the organizations business model. At ICG our strategy, finance, operations and other experts all come together to provide our clients with the right advice, from every aspect of the business, bringing the tools and experience required to help our clients reach the right price.

The complexity and challenge involved in the integration of two organizations is often underestimated, and is a process that should begin very early on in the M&A process. Elements such as culture gaps should be part of the Due Diligence process, and should begin as soon as possible, but certainly no later than the MOU signing.  Starting to think about and plan the integration after the deal is closed may be too late. At ICG we have vast experience and various tools that can support such processes. From mapping and analyzing the cultural differences between two organizations, and providing tools for closing the  gaps, to post merger processes, and until full assimilation is achieved.

Our integrative team of experts come from Strategy, Finance and Organization/PMI and come together for precisely this purpose - to jointly overcome the integrated challenges of any M&A activity.